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Residential Projects



SS House

Embark on a visual journey within this modern luxurious interior, a captivating fusion of opulence and tropical allure. Sophisticated details and a seamless blend of materials define the space, exuding a refined elegance. The infusion of subtle tropical architecture adds a distinctive charm, creating a harmonious balance between contemporary luxury and natural elements. From sleek lines to sumptuous textures, every facet of this project radiates sophistication, offering a transcendent experience where modernity meets the serene essence of tropical aesthetics.


PB House

The Puri Botanical Project in Jakarta unveils an American Classic with a luxurious living room boasting a double-height ceiling. A pristine canvas of White and Taupe, devoid of contrasting hues, invites a clean aesthetic. The challenge met: crafting opulence through minimal color, relying solely on textures for a sophisticated, upscale interior.

pantry dining2.jpg


MS House

SUSO presents a minimalist American classic project for PIK 2 Project, Jakarta. We redevelop the early developer layout from a tight house into a more effective, functional, and luxurious Interior. The challenge is to create a functional, and luxurious interior in a tight space, that suit well with the client's needs.


A House

Neo-Classical master bedroom and walk-in closet, using parquet to create warmth in this whitewash interior, red womb chair to give accent to this bedroom. The client loves the classic molding as a wall panel

master bedroom mr albert2 photoshopped final.jpg
jagakarsa r tamu 1 suso.jpg

Elevate your space with an American modern interior project featuring a grand double-height ceiling. Immerse yourself in contemporary luxury with sleek modern furniture, seamlessly integrated into the classic American design. An asymmetrical mirror serves as a striking accent, infusing the space with a touch of modernity. This sophisticated fusion of styles creates a captivating ambiance, marrying the timeless allure of American classics with the sleek lines and avant-garde elements of modern design.

DD House


Bedroom rivera done SUSO 2.jpeg


A House

SUSO present a cozy bedroom, with calm color and wallpaper as a room accent.  Adding a curve element to the headboard to bring flexibility to the room. This combination brings elements of comfort to make the occupant feel pleasant.



Elegance meets functionality in this minimalistic tropical home, an idyllic haven for a large family. Bathed in abundant natural sunlight, its thoughtful design seamlessly blends spaciousness and warmth. The taupe-muted color scheme exudes tranquility, creating a soothing atmosphere throughout. Clean lines and uncluttered spaces define the architectural ethos, fostering a sense of calm while emphasizing the connection with nature. This residence is a harmonious fusion of simplicity and luxury, offering a retreat where family bonds flourish amidst the tropical splendor.

12 living.jpg


ES House

This project represents a combination of American classic and luxurious ambiance from the gray and white bookmatch marble at the back panel. The monochromatic color scheme brings a gentle and classy tone to the design.



FN House

Modern-looking interior with a clean white look for all the spaces. Using white marble with strong grey veins and champagne brass to lift up the living.  To make the interior not so monochromatic we use pop colors such as a blue velvet armchair to complement the living


BD House

White is the new black, a perfect sentence to describe this white and grand project. Double-height ceiling with full book match marble as the tv panel, large and comfortable L shape sofa to host big family members. Putting colors carpet and painting to accentuate the room.

area duduk dramatic 2.jpg


TM House

Classic yet contemporary are words to describe this master bedroom. Mixing two timelines into one design to create a sophisticated master bedroom. Curve wall panel gives a sense of scale to the high ceiling. Putting the Minotti Leslie chair for a comfortable reading nook as the client loves to read before bed.

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